Furnace Buying Tips

Furnace Buying Tips

If you plan to buy a furnace, don’t wait until the last minute to shop for it. With so many brands and models available on the market, it’s important that you are well prepared and make a well informed decision.

This way, you will buy the right furnace for your home, and even save lots of money. Without any research, you can easily get fooled into buying the latest models with unnecessary features that cost lots of money!

The following guide teaches you what you need to look for in a Milwaukee furnace contractor, and know if the work has been competently carried out. You need to learn some basics so you can decide on the right efficiency and required features for you.

You can then choose a brand with the required features while remaining within your budget. Remember the dealer’s job is to try to sell you their big name brand products. If you are not prepared, you may end up spending lots of money.

Signs of reliable heating and air conditioning companies
  • They provide a written, all-inclusive purchase agreement stating ‘includes all parts, taxes, labors, etc. to install’. If they don’t, you may end up getting some nasty surprises!
  • They fill out all the manufacturers’ required registration forms and give a written copy of the warranty forms. Generally, the warranty is validated with registration.
  • They perform computerized load calculation and if they don’t, they just make guesses, which you don’t want anyone to do as it’s a sign of an amateur.
  • They ask for full payment only upon completing, and your inspecting the job.
Buying and inspecting the furnace

Before you write that check to pay for your furnace, you need to inspect the job to ensure it is done properly.

Electric furnace
  • Units located in basements need to be on blocks, at least 4 inches above the floor.
  • Should have an easily accessible air filter.
  • While all duct connections should be sealed to prevent air leaks, duct tape shouldn’t be used.
  • The unit should sit on rubber isolation pads to minimize noise when in use.
  • There shouldn’t be any trash or scraps lying around after the installation as you don’t want someone who doesn’t pay attention to details installing your furnace!
  • The electrical disconnect device should be within 3 feet of the furnace.
  • The furnace should run a normal cycle to ensure it works properly. Look out for popping noise from the ducts when the fan stops and starts as this is not normal, and is a sign of future problems.
  • The furnace should have a new digital thermostat installed. Old, mechanical thermostats installed in a new, high efficiency furnace is a sign of an amateur’s work.
Gas or oil furnace
  • A gas furnace needs the above inspection, and the following checks.
  • Short vent pipes are practical for a gas furnace.
  • Vent pipes should be sloping to the furnace at the rate of quarter inch in four feet.
  • Support is necessary for vent pipes to prevent sagging at least every eight feet. In fact, high efficiency furnaces need two vent pipes, an intake and exhaust pipe. Check this as some less reputable dealers install the furnace with only an exhaust pipe.
  • The shutoff valve for the gas or oil should be next to the furnace, and you need not remove any access panel to get to the valve.
It’s better if you ask, and have the dealer/installer to accompany you when you do this final check on the installation. Good installers are more than happy to show off their job to you..

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